I started out wanting to become an archivist, but along the way, my career goals have spread out a bit. While I still love archives, I find myself drawn more to the research and instruction side of things. I like asking questions and helping people find answers. I consider myself an archives advocate who will likely work as a librarian. But who knows?

Librarians tend to work with information…and people. They help to make connections and assist users in navigating information systems to obtain the results desired. Librarians also may be teachers, providing instruction in information literacy and library technologies. Archivists, on the other hand, tend to work with collections…and people. They organize, curate and preserve manuscript, digital, audiovisual, and rare book collections that have unique research value, making them accessible for current and future scholars. Some archivists are teachers as well, providing the historical context behind archival collections and assisting educators in applying primary sources to the classroom learning experience.

My professional interests include how culture shapes information behaviors and the needs of individuals. I’m particularly drawn to the ways in which sociocultural identities, such as race, class, and gender, influence both the information profession and the people we serve. My background and knowledge of African American studies provides a great position from which to consider race theory, library history, and library future.

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