20170203_104607I am currently employed as an Education Librarian. In addition to supporting the teacher education program, I support student success and retention through outreach and professional development, with a focus on at-risk populations.

As an information professional focusing on academic librarianship through a critical lens, my parallel research interests include community and sociocultural informatics, education and literacies, critical race theory, gender studies, and African American studies. I enjoy finding creative ways to weave my research interests into my career pursuits.

I am currently pursuing a doctoral degree in Language, Literacy, and Culture. My research interests within the program include information behavior, privileging knowledge systems, community formation and language in physical and digital environments, organization development, and race and gender studies.

I completed my graduate degree in Library and Information Science in Jan 2015. From August 2015-June 2016, I was employed as a Resident Librarian, which provided an overview of academic libraries through three main departments: technical services, research and instruction, and archives and special collections.

A few fun facts: I am a lover of words and gravitate towards reading, writing, and research. I adore fresh fruit, waterscapes, and hiking. In my free time, I try to live my best life and not think about work.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Follow me on Twitter at @4luvofLAM.

**All views expressed on this blog are my own, and not those of my employer or affiliated institutions.**


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