Library Reading


This is kind of a self-memo of open access journals and professional blogs related to librarianship and academic libraries. If you know of any additional resources, feel free to comment and let me know!

Academic librarianship

College & Research Libraries – the official scholarly research journal of the Association of College & Research Libraries, a division of the American Library Association. C&RL is a bimonthly, online-only publication.

ACRLog – aims to discuss the issues of the day in the field of academic and research librarianship. It will strive to get you thinking about what you do, why you do it, and how it fits into this enterprise we call higher education.

Critical Librarianship

In the Library with the Lead Pipe – In the Library with the Lead Pipe is an open access, open peer reviewed journal founded and run by an international team of librarians working in various types of libraries.

Digital Humanities

dh+lib –  a communal space where librarians, archivists, LIS graduate students, and information specialists of all stripes can contribute to a conversation about digital humanities and libraries.


Information Literacy

Communications in Information Literacy – Communications in Information Literacy (CIL) is a peer-reviewed journal devoted to advancing research, theory, and practice in the area of information literacy in higher education. CIL is an independent, professional, and open access publication.

Information Technology

Code4Lib – The Code4Lib Journal exists to foster community and share information among those interested in the intersection of libraries, technology, and the future.

Information Technology and Librarianship – a refereed journal published quarterly by the Library and Information Technology Association (LITA), a division of the American Library Association.

User Experience (UX) Research and Design

Library Innovation (DISCONTINUED in 2015) – A peer-reviewed, open access journal publishing original research, literature reviews, commentaries, case studies, reports on innovative practices, and book, conference and product reviews.

Weave – an open-access, peer-reviewed journal for Library User Experience professionals published by Michigan Publishing.

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