Going into 2016


2015 was a good year. I finished grad school, landed a new job and made


MLIS graduate! Class of 2015. Boom.

some strides in my personal life. As I reflect on the past year and exercise gratefulness, I can’t help but look forward to what this year will bring.

I believe in goals. And lists. As my friend so kindly informed me, meaningful goals should be measurable and achievable. Duly noted. Tomorrow I begin my rotation in Research and Instruction. (Yes!) I don’t have my instruction load finalized yet, but I’ve discussed it with the Instruction Coordinator and the plan is for me to support instruction in TSEM (Towson Seminar course) and to be involved with education and history courses. Actual time in the classroom for me probably won’t begin until mid-late January. Until then, I’ll likely be doing outreach to colleagues, faculty, attending meetings, and planning. Also, weeding. 🙂

I’m working with one of my colleagues to plan a course-integrated workshop on teaching with primary sources, with an identified audience of middle and secondary education majors. Looking at multicultural education and culturally responsive instruction, as well as critical pedagogy, the plan is to use children’s literature as a hook and then delve into introducing primary source research to students in 6-12 grades. For the sake of example, I’m planning to incorporate genealogy and look at the experiences of African American during slavery. The workshop will also tie in Common Core standards in social studies and history, for the state of Maryland. I’m pretty excited about that and am in the process of reaching out to faculty to plan further. Fingers crossed.

I submitted two conferences proposals for the upcoming year. One was for a conference paper and the other was for a panel presentation, in collaboration with colleagues at other institutions. I should receive word on whether one or both of those have been accepted sometime between February and April, I think.

I’m working with a cross-institutional committee to help plan part of the annual instructional conference for faculty at TU. The conference happens the second week of January, so we’ll be hitting the ground running upon return from break.

And then within the next month or two, I get to partake in my first ever annual review (as a faculty librarian, anyway). Which means I need to finish working on my goals for the remainder of the year, including drafting long-term goals for the remainder of my residency. Also as a part of the review process I will need to document the projects I completed during my technical services rotation and describe my goals for the R & I rotation. I’ve been keeping a work journal, so the documentation process shouldn’t be too difficult, right?


(Image courtesy of movemequotes.com)

Oh, and then I’m investigating an oral history project that I may be able to take lead on. Meetings for that commence once I return from break, so lots going on!

While I’m formulating my goals for this upcoming semester, I’ll be focusing on what I’ve accomplished already, what I want to improve upon, and what steps I need to take to make that happen. What professional or personal goals do you have for the upcoming year?

Happy New Year and to all a wonderful beginning to a new semester.




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