The ways in which I’m not a “Librarian”

  1. Sometimes the biggest relief to work is when I clock out and go home and release all the pent up stories, poems, and songs that were lodging in my brain all the day long, because
  2. While I am a pragmatist and a realist, I am also a dreamer and a creator. I love beautiful things and I love to make beautiful things. Sometimes I see beauty where others don’t and sometimes what others behold as beauty, I just stare at. I can’t relate
  3. To cats or cute baby animals or cardigans. The former has fur and

    Reflections on being me…

    stares at me when I walk into the room. It licks itself constantly and then looks at me like I’m the weird one. And walks on my face at night. No! The middle are still animals and, sorry, just not as compelling as baby people. To each their own. The latter are an item of necessity, because even though it’s almost winter, I can still wear that fetching tank, as long as I’m wearing said cardigan. But not your mother-grandma’s cardigan. And speaking of,

  4. I’m most comfortable in funky earrings, wide-legged pants and maybe headwraps. Or just my hair. Because it’s cool. I love jeans, but am not above a dress and heels, as long as the heels aren’t high enough to make me angry. It’s complicated, I know
  5. I love books, but even more, I love the stories within the books. The connections to emotions and the ability to see the world from someone else’s eyes. Something we miss out on all too often, I’m afraid. I believe
  6. In empathy and walking in other people’s shoes, but not because you forced the fit, but because they took them off ungrudgingly. Recognition of vulnerability is the least you can give when learning from someone else. While you’re walking around, they’re standing barefoot and there are still stones. I
  7. Don’t wear pearls, but if I did, I would definitely clutch them and hold them tight, marveling at how smooth and beautiful constant irritation can become. Master of disguise, shape-shifting and turning to fit pieces where they don’t belong, at first. Discomfort
  8.  Isn’t something you can measure, see, or hold. Someone told me about falling forward, learning from mistakes as much as successes. Taking chances, just to see. Challenges and
  9. Being challenged, even if it means stepping back and taking time to breathe. Redefining experiences, turning loss into new opportunities. Focused on
  10. Knowing yourself and knowing that you are unafraid to live outside of boxes. “Because I wanted to.”

About A. M.

Information professional focusing on academic librarianship through a critical lens. Research interests include education and multiliteracies, critical race theory, gender studies, and African American studies. I am currently employed as an academic librarian. I am also a family genealogist in the process of uncovering the people and places behind my ancestry. I enjoy digging up new facts, reading, and writing in my free time. My opinions and thoughts are my own.

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