Ephemera on Life


Just say no to cheese, say yes to sleep, and dress in layers/bring a sweater to work, so you don’t freeze when the indoor temperature is a mirror of outdoors. This is my advice on life to people everywhere.

I have taken a leave of absence from the world of education, in order to further my career and experience in the world of library science. It is, in fact, likely a permanent leave. Because I won’t be working with little people any time in the near future and will not have anyone with whom to read  aloud picture books, I am taking applications for adopted nieces and nephews. They will have to pass a background check prior to being considered for the position.

So about the new job. My new job entails providing circulation services at an academic library. Through this position, I hope to gain general library skills and supervisory experience. For example, I am currently assisting in the hiring process of student employees, to include interviewing, which I am rather excited about. Other job responsibilities involve opening and closing, assisting patrons with borrowing materials from the library and through consortium/interlibrary loan, facilitating access to library materials, and occasionally telling people where the nearest restroom is located. It’s been a good first few weeks and I have enjoyed interacting with the diverse student body. And of course, my coworkers. They’re pretty neat.

I’m coming up on my last few weeks in the school semester. Some days I feel like I’m dragging myself across the ground, saying, “Watterrr…” Only, it sounds more like, “Winter breeeaakkk…” with an imploring hand outstretched. I’m working on finishing final semester projects and getting caught up on my part-time job (research assistant), because yes, I’m currently working PT and FT. It’s only for a season.

Seeing as this is the season of thankfulness, I would like to take the opportunity to express thanks for my family and friends, a sane mind, the degree that I will one day have, and employment. I was reading a book containing research on the power of friendships and emotional connections. I can honestly concur with the idea that people are invaluable. I am rich, indeed.

With the holiday tomorrow, make sure you take a chance to breathe and enjoy your loved ones. I will do the same. Happy Thanksgiving to all!!


About A. M.

Information professional focusing on academic librarianship through a critical lens. Research interests include education and multiliteracies, critical race theory, gender studies, and African American studies. I am currently employed as an academic librarian. I am also a family genealogist in the process of uncovering the people and places behind my ancestry. I enjoy digging up new facts, reading, and writing in my free time. My opinions and thoughts are my own.

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