Halfway Through the Semester


It’s been a minute since I last wrote anything. I know, I know…I was supposed to return and update about the summer internship. I can certainly say it was a valuable experience and I learned a whooollle lot. I loved every minute of it! One of the biggest advantages was gaining experience in the metadata and technical side of archives. I’m looking forward to applying that knowledge in future arenas.

Since the end of the summer, I have been soo busy. After a quick break with the family in August, I quickly got back into the swing of “real life.” Currently, I am working as a Literacy Instructor. I teach emergent reading and reading remediation strategies to elementary students, which is a rewarding, but sometimes tiring job. I’m excited at the progress my kiddies have made. I am also working as a research assistant for one of the professors at my university, which has exposed me to many new discoveries and ideas in the library science field. Then, of course, there is grad school. I am currently taking two classes: Use and Users of Libraries and Information and Metadata.

I am also working with the graduate student organization for library and information science students at my university. My job title is Public Relations Officer. Part of my responsibilities has been to assist in creating a website for the organization, as well as keeping the student body informed of upcoming events and opportunities. I am also serving as a Graduate Student Association Senator. I get to attend all the meetings and be a voice for the LIS student body. It’s been a very interesting venture.

So yes, I have been very busy. But not only am I learning a lot, I am learning to be more productive with my time and prioritize things in order of importance. And I still make time for the fun things, like family, friends, and a bit of adventure here and there. 🙂


About A. M.

Information professional focusing on academic librarianship through a critical lens. Research interests include education and multiliteracies, critical race theory, gender studies, and African American studies. I am currently employed as an academic librarian. I am also a family genealogist in the process of uncovering the people and places behind my ancestry. I enjoy digging up new facts, reading, and writing in my free time. My opinions and thoughts are my own.

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