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Wait, is that…??


This week, in addition to completing the processing of the Joseph F. McCrindle papers and working with the Smithsonian transcription project, I organized and cataloged materials for the oral history department. While I was going through transcript files, I happened to see the name, “Minter,” which, by the way, is my own surname. In case you’ve never had the experience, seeing your own name in the archives, when you were not looking for it, it is very strange. Of course, I had to look up and read the transcript. It seems Marilyn Minter, New York artist, was interviewed in 2011. As a genealogist, my first thought was: “Could she be connecting to the Minters I’m familiar with?” Her family, though, was from Virginia, so probably not. Or at least, not an immediate connection. My Minters are from Georgia.

Aycocks All Around

Aycocks All Around

Then, if that wasn’t enough, as I continued on my merry organizing way, I came across the name “Aycock,” which is a surname from my mother’s side of the family. How weird is that?? Alice Aycock’s family was from North Carolina, so while she may be related to the Aycocks, who may be related to me, I don’t think there is a close ancestral connection. But you never know…

In addition to finding my names in the archives, I also got to use a barcode wand. Growing up, I always had a fascination with being able to scan things. The invention of self-checkout in libraries and grocery stores alleviated some of that, but it still satisfied my inner child to be the one with the tool, in a real, live working environment! 🙂

After I finish with this final exam and other related tasks, I will return and reflect on my experiences for the summer. See you then!